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​Bait and Tackle

​Welcome to our Bait and Tackle new store, why not call in today and look around, we have a wide range of products and accessories in stock. 

Fresh and Frozen Bait in store Price list May 2018

Call for latest fresh bait prices and availability, we always have bait in stock

  • Calamari Squid Boxed 1lb £5
  • Large Unwashed Loligo Squid £4.50
  • Small Unwashed Loligo Squid £3
  • Baby Squid Boxed 1lb £3.99
  • Mackerel 3 Pack £3
  • Mackerel Fillets £3
  • Bluey 3 Pack £3.50
  • ​Sea Match Pack £3.75
  • Cuttle fish £3.99
  • Welsh Black Lug Wrap ( 10 Worms) £6

We always try to provide value for money however prices are subject to change without notice, please call for the latest pricing. 

​View our Bait and tackle gallery of images below 

Bait & Tackle
Bait & Tackle - For all your fishing requirements in Torbay